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Fit and Focused

Who knew launching A List Media would require me to stay in shape? I’m not just talking about being in top form so I can run all over town, I’m talking about my mental health. Recently, in an effort to stay fit and focused I’ve started training for a half marathon.

If you know me, you know I am NOT a runner. I believe everyone should make their health a top priority but I also have a fondness for my curvy bod and don’t wish to change my look that drastically. However, this year I wanted to make some sort of fitness goal.

I did some research and found that the same people who manage the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon are hosting a San Diego marathon in June. That’s where I went to school and that’s where my sister is, so naturally, I’m there.

I started training with just a little here and there until I found this training “coach” on Nike.com. It makes the process so much easier. All you need to do is enter your goal and they program a regiment for you. I’m now into the third week of training. By Sunday I will have gone 17 miles in one week. To you this may not mean much, but for me it’s kind of a big deal. I do a lot of walk/running and as long as I make the 13.1 miles on race day, that’s all that matters.

Lucky for me I have some great support. Jaalay, as always is rooting me on, as is my sister Kate. She’s going to do the half marathon with me and it’s her first time too! I also want to thank my awesome friends Richelle Rice (also doing the run), Kathy Topp and Chelsea Muller. They inspired me through their success in the half marathon here in Las Vegas in December. However, I could still use some inspiration from my A-Listers. I’m looking for your advice on everything from stretching to tips that will keep me from getting bored while running. Feel free to add your comments or hit me up at twitter.com/alistmedialv !



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A List Media Minute: Internet Video by the Numbers

What’s up A Listers, welcome to the A List Media Minute.

Today we are talking about the importance of online video in modern marketing campaigns. I’ve enlisted the help of Matt McColl from Five Stars Creative to show you the benefits of online video and why hiring a professional to handle your needs is worth the investment.

I hope you like the A List Media Minute. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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The Latest on the A List

You know it’s not good when your mom mentions, “I haven’t seen a blog in awhile.” Well A Listers, and mom, there’s a very good reason for that!

Things have been crazy busy on the A List, so let me bring you up to date.

We have entered a partnership to promote Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada, a soon-to-be household name for their efforts to bring about positive change in the wake of the housing crisis.

Once known as Christmas In April, Rebuilding Together is focused on repairing and renovating homes for those in need.

Mark your calendars for April 24, when their annual Rebuilding Day brings together more than one thousand volunteers for a massive repair effort that will improve the quality of life for elderly and disabled residents around the valley. I can’t wait to be a part of this event.

Also on the calendar for next month is the debut of the A List Media Web Site. I have been working with a handful of creative talents to design a site that will showcase everything my company has to offer. I can’t wait to show it off.

That’s the latest from the A List. There are some other items on the docket that I will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks, so if you want to stay up to date, just subscribe to the A List blog and have them delivered directly to your inbox.

I love technology. Stay yummy Las Vegas!

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Let’s Talk about Twitter

What’s the big deal about Twitter, isn’t it just a waste of time? Isn’t it like Facebook but more annoying? Why does anyone need to know what I am doing at all times of the day? Can you really see any ROI with Twitter?
Those are just a few of the questions I get about Twitter. It’s revolutionized communication for so many people, while others don’t want to have anything to do with it.

I thought it might be smart to answer some of those questions in the A-List blog, so the next time someone asks me a question I can say, “There’s a blog for that!”

Isn’t Twitter just a waste of time?

I guess that depends on what you consider a waste of time. Twitter, in my opinion, is the perfect tool for keeping up with the news of the world.

I follow local, national and trade media outlets on Twitter. It’s become vital for me when trying to stay on top of breaking news. It’s also critical when trying to stay on top of news and trends in the world of PR and marketing. Twitter also gives you the chance to join the conversation if you so choose.

Why does anyone need to know what I am doing at all times of the day?

Hey, if someone is following you on Twitter then they want to know what you’re doing. So why not give them what they want? Twitter is a great way to connect with like-minded people or to engage in debate with those of other viewpoints. If you have a question or are looking for an opinion, throw it out to the Twitterverse and you just never know what you may get back

However, it’s important to be cautious when putting out personal details about your life. Just because you can share your every thought and feeling with the world doesn’t mean you should.

The great thing about Twitter is that you decide whom you want to follow and you can decide who’s following you. If you don’t like what someone is putting out there, cut him or her off, no harm, no foul.

What about that ROI?
Maybe Twitter isn’t the best social media outlet for your business model. But you should take time to explore what outlets do make sense for your business goals.

Having an open dialogue with your customers, potential customers and employees is more important now than ever before. We are in a digital information age. People spend more time on Facebook and Twitter. Last year a study found that about third of U.S. Internet users’ online time is spent communicating, don’t you want them communicating with you?

So many media are vying for our attention. You need to get on board, if you don’t someone else will.  Then they will have a captive and loyal audience and you will not. In this tough time we all want to see a direct return on our investment, but stop worrying so much about the return and focus on the investment.

Here are my tips for Twitter, whether it’s in you’re professional life or personal.

1. Keep it honest, no one likes a phony.
2. Do not tweet solely for self or business promotion. It’s annoying. Let your personality come through.
3. Communication works both ways. Respond to folks when they give you an @reply. Even if they say something negative, they are presenting an opportunity for you to engage them and maybe just change their mind or give you or your brand a second chance.
4.  Connect. Take this as an opportunity to connect with others in your field, keep an eye on trends and test the waters.
5. Have fun!

If you or your business would like more insight on social media, feel free to contact me directly. If I don’t have the answers, I bet I will know of someone who does.

Meantime, I would love to hear your feedback and comments.

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Comfort Food with a Touch of Sophistication, indeed!

The one thing that never changes about Las Vegas is that it’s always changing.

That sentence might sound weird, but it’s true. I’ll never run out of new places to experience in this city, and one of my favorite things to do is enjoy new tastes.

Awhile back a friend recommended I check out Elements Kitchen and Martini Bar at Tropicana and Rainbow. It opened ten months ago and their owners have an interesting story that immediately caught my attention.

Elements Bar

Elements Kitchen and Martini Bar

The restaurant belongs to Catherine and Jose Luis Pawelek. Though this is their first in southern Nevada, they are no strangers to the business. They have owned restaurants around Florida and they even owned and managed a B&B in New Hampshire for a stretch. 

My husband and I went for dinner and found this was not only a unique experience, but one that’s affordable and stylish. That’s hard to get these days.

Their table breads are made fresh daily. We had one with Rosemary along with some French bread served with butter and flavorful chutney made by Catherine.

For starters my husband and I both had the soup of the day; chicken with basmati rice, vegetables and a hint of curry. Chef Jose Luis Pawelek makes the stock fresh and you can tell because the simple flavors really shine through.

For dinner, my husband had the lollipop lamb chops served on a bed of lentils. These weren’t huge but considering they came from the “small plates” menu, I was impressed with the size.

I had a house salad with grilled shrimp and balsamic dressing. No, these weren’t the most complex items on the menu but you could tell there were a lot of layers to the flavor, which made the light meal quite pleasant.

Elements' Chocolate Martini, very tasty

I had a few glasses of their house Cabernet well worth the $6 a glass. Jason tried out a few of their sweet martinis from a list of 200. I tasted each and they were delicious. He highly recommends the Peppermint Patty. All martinis are just $7 to $9.

Everything was great and then suddenly Catherine, the owner-pastry chef, brought out a mini crème brulee topped with mascarpone and her very own biscotti. That was such a sweet touch and I noticed that everyone around us was also getting such generous treatment. 

Small plates range from $6 to $9 and entrees range from $17 to $24.

Here’s the best part: Elements Kitchen and Martini Bar hosts a Happy Hour Monday through Saturday from 5 to 6:30 pm. All drinks and appetizers are $2 off.  For those not interested in martinis or wine, they also have a great beer selection both in bottles and on tap. International beers include: Guinness, Peroni, Stella Artois, Fosters and Kronenburg 1664, and domestics: Tenaya Creek, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Blue Moon, Pyramid Hefeweizen and many more all from $4 to 4.50.

I don’t rate restaurants on a star or numbers level. They either get a Yummy* or they don’t. This one is a definite Yummy.

You can check out Elements Kitchen and bar here or follow them on twitter.

Elements is located at 4950 S. Rainbow Blvd. #100, Las Vegas NV 89118.

*Last year, I was caught on camera proclaiming a dish “Yummy!” during a taping of Top Chef Las Vegas at the Springs Preserve. Now, after hearing friends and family do their best (and worst) impersonations I have decided to embrace this as my favorite way to describe the foods I love. Either it’s Yummy or it’s not!

Disclaimer: Elements is NOT an A List Media client.

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Thanks 2009!

Wow, what a year! Like anyone who lived through it, I’m happy 2009 is over. But looking back, it turns out the year wasn’t all that bad.

Fortunately the worst arrived in January when my employer, Sunbelt Digital Media, was dissolved and the entire staff was let go. Not being used to rejection,  my world turned upside down.

Then it dawned on me that I could still continue the work I was doing on my own. It wouldn’t be exactly the same, but it would be mine.

That’s how A-List Media was born.

I have learned so much about myself in this past year and I have A-List Media to thank for that in addition to my awesome clients, fantastic friends, adoring family and most of all, my husband/editor Jaalay.

Getting the ball rolling in the midst of a recession is not easy, but this company has a specific goal. We deliver A-List results that help our clients grow their businesses. In the end, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

After such a tough year, that’s exactly what people need right now.

In 2009, I’ve seen friends lose their jobs, their homes and their loved ones. It will be nice to finally close the door on this year and put it all behind us tonight at midnight.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for all we have to look forward to in 2010. This business that I have launched and this industry are evolving and I have to believe the future will bring good things to all of us.

Thanks for your continued support. Peace and love in 2010!



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The A List Wish List

Hey A Listers!

Tis’ the holiday season and who doesn’t love getting and giving gifts? Here’s some gift ideas from my personal A List, with a little something for everyone. I’ve included a few things that you may want to give yourself.

A is for A List, I mean Aardvark

I happen to like the letter A. I like it so much I developed the name of my company around the letter. Lucky for me, I’m Alyssa Anderson and not Denise Dickerson because D-List Media doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. If you know someone else that loves their initial, why not get them a monogrammed item. One that I LOVE comes from this collection of alphabet animal prints by J Hill Design. A cool piece of art is always in fashion.

Price: $50 for a framed print click here.

Come Rain or Shine

If there is one accessory that is a must have in Las Vegas, it’s sunglasses. Even during these winter months the sun’s rays are damaging to our cornea and the soft skin around our eyes. Designer sunglasses make a statement. This month iFocus Vision Center is making high-end sunglasses more accessible. Through the end of 2009, all designer sunglasses are 50 percent off. My favorites are these by Dior. With an additional 50 percent off they are a steal.

Price: 50 percent off $255

9484 W. Flamingo Rd. Suite 280, Las Vegas or visit www.ifocuslasvegas.com.

Seeing is Believing

Big business, small business and individuals know that online video marketing is essential to their success. Get with the program and pick up a Flip MINOHD camera. They make it so easy even your grandparents can do it. Start making videos about your business, products and services, you’ll be happy you did.

Price: $199 For more information check out flip.

Gimme a head with hair, Long beautiful hair

The Las Vegas winter does a number on your hair. But the folks at Global House of Hair recommend Force Vector by L’Oreal Series Expert shampoo and conditioner. Why do I love it? Because it protects hair from the damaging desert air and repairs any damage done. And guys if you don’t think this is a problem, just ask your lady.

Price: Starts at $18.50

Find it at Global House of Hair in Summerlin

11700 W. Charleston Las Vegas or check out www.globalhouseofhair.com

A Polaroid Camera in the Digital Age

Print photos on the go instantly from your digital camera or even from your phone with the PoGo Instant Mobile Printer, I like the red one. This affordable, pocket-sized photo printer lets you share your pics with friends now, rather than later.

Price: $49.99

Pick one up here.

Kick-start A New Years Resolution

Come January 1st we’ll all want to follow through on those New Years resolutions. A gift card to the Yoga Sanctuary can deliver mental and physical wellbeing something we all need in 2010. In January instructor Sasha Larkin is holding a workshop called “Resolve to Evolve” to help attendees flow into the New Year right.

Price: Gift cards can be purchased in any amount starting at $25


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