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The Latest on the A List

You know it’s not good when your mom mentions, “I haven’t seen a blog in awhile.” Well A Listers, and mom, there’s a very good reason for that!

Things have been crazy busy on the A List, so let me bring you up to date.

We have entered a partnership to promote Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada, a soon-to-be household name for their efforts to bring about positive change in the wake of the housing crisis.

Once known as Christmas In April, Rebuilding Together is focused on repairing and renovating homes for those in need.

Mark your calendars for April 24, when their annual Rebuilding Day brings together more than one thousand volunteers for a massive repair effort that will improve the quality of life for elderly and disabled residents around the valley. I can’t wait to be a part of this event.

Also on the calendar for next month is the debut of the A List Media Web Site. I have been working with a handful of creative talents to design a site that will showcase everything my company has to offer. I can’t wait to show it off.

That’s the latest from the A List. There are some other items on the docket that I will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks, so if you want to stay up to date, just subscribe to the A List blog and have them delivered directly to your inbox.

I love technology. Stay yummy Las Vegas!


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Love On The A-List

Everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday is just around the corner and A-List Media clients have a lot to offer this month. Here’s a sampling:

Amy’s Rules of Romance
The February issue of 944 is out NOW and it features relationship expert Amy Rubin sharing the Rules for Dating in Las Vegas. Amy takes a modern look at dating in Sin City, what to strive for and what to avoid. Pick up a copy today. Amy Rubin is the host of Amy’s Heart After Dark click here for more info.

Helping Hearts on Valentines Day
Want to look your best for your valentine without breaking the bank at an overpriced Strip salon? Global House of Hair, headed by the dynamic husband-and-wife team of Jill and Michael St. Onge, is creating a buzz in Summerlin. Not only do they have style in spades, they also have some big hearts. This Valentine’s Day GHH is offering haircuts for just $25, regularly their cuts start at $55. All proceeds from the $25 haircuts will go to the American Heart Association.  How cool is that? Global House of Hair is located at 11700 W. Charleston Blvd. To make an appointment call (702) 476-5300.

Focus on Your Health
The look of love is a lot brighter at iFocus Vision Center, where Dr. Vivienne Velasco is hosting a health and wellness event Saturday, Feb. 20. Along with free vision screenings, attendees will experience live cooking demos from Oiga,Mire,Vea Columbian Restaurant. Dr. Joan Leaks of Southwest Wellness Center will be there providing nutrition and diet information and handouts. Enjoy free facials and samples of Juice Plus. There is a little something for everyone.
iFocus Vision Center is located at 9484 W. Flamingo Rd. Suite 280, Las Vegas, NV 89114.

Rocket to Bliss
World-renowned yoga instructor Larry Schultz will be presenting his Rocket Yoga series on February 5 & 6 at Yoga Sanctuary’s West side studio. His inventive, inspiring routine ranks him among the most highly regarded yoga teachers in the country. His famous Rocket Series is a fun, upbeat Ashtanga yoga approach that encourages people to keep their energy high while connecting to their inner power.  For more info click here.

Next week, the A-List blog takes a closer look at local media. Don’t miss our interview with KVBC’s Kim Wagner, host of southern Nevada’s No. 1 morning show, Wake Up with the Wagners.

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Busy week ahead at A List Media

Good morning A-Listers! We’ve got a busy week ahead, looking forward to the Yoga Sanctuary Holiday Party this Thursday at the Opium room inside TAO nightclub.

It’s a charity event, for one of the most important causes in our community, putting people back to work! All donations go to Goodwill of Southern Nevada, an organization that is working so hard to find jobs for everyone this holiday season.

Yoga Sanctuary is dedicated to helping this worthy cause, and this Thursday we’ll see instructors striking a different pose with every donation. It will definitely be a sight to see as we try to end this year on a positive note!

Speaking of positive news, A-List is going to launch our new Facebook fan page this week. We’ll post a link as soon as it’s ready.

That’s all for now, hope your week is off to a great start!

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New Month Brings A List News

We haven’t blogged in a while, but that’s because it’s been a super busy month and now A List Media is proud to announce a new partnership with Global House of Hair in Summerlin.

GHH is run by a dynamic husband and wife team, Jill Nuthak-St. Onge and Michael St. Onge. The couple recently arrived in southern Nevada with one goal: to deliver a relaxing, positive salon experience for every client.

I especially love their slogan: Twice as exclusive, half as pretentious. It’s the kind of service so many locals hope to find on the Strip, but instead walk away feeling like they just got burned.

We all have one of those stories. My husband once sat in a chair to get his hair styled at a “trendy” Strip salon and the stylist literally said two words to him the entire time. She didn’t ask what he was looking for and at one point he had to interrupt and ask, “What are you doing?”

Global House of Hair is exactly the opposite. Every client is given a full consultation to enrich their experience and eliminate any guesswork during their visit.

We strive to provide that same personal touch at A List Media and we look forward to working with Jill and Michael.

Look for more on GHH in the coming weeks, and check them out at 11700 W. Charleston Boulevard Suite B-110, west of the 215 beltway. You can also see a list of services and learn more about the team at the Global House of Hair Web site.


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Fall is the new summer, especially in Las Vegas…

Just last week my sister commented that fall is the new summer. Seems like there are a ton of events happening in October. My guess is that everyone loves the prefect weather.

Here are a few A-List items to keep an eye on this month.

Yoga for a Cure

This weekend take part in an enriching yoga class while helping out a worthy cause. Sunday, join the Yoga Sanctuary for Yoga for a Cure, a benefit for the Southern Nevada chapter of Komen for a Cure. The class is open to yoga students of all levels. KLAS-TV Channel 8 news anchor Paula Francis will also be there introducing Jackie Brown, executive director of the local Komen for a Cure. Francis, a Yoga Sanctuary regular, promotes breast cancer awareness through her Buddy Check 8 Program.

Eyes on Halloween

My guess is that two of this year’s most popular Halloween costumes will be zombie Michael Jackson from the Thriller video and Twilight heartthrob Edward Cullen. What will make these costumes complete? It’s all about the eyes.

Check out these spooky Wild Eyes contacts available at iFocus Vision Center. They are all the rage this Halloween. Now, who’s throwing the party?

Wells Fargo Grant a Wish

August and September A List Media was busy promoting the Wells Fargo Grant a Wish program. Wells Fargo and Nevada Public Education Foundation teamed up to offer nearly $30,000 in grants to Nevada’s schools. The applications are in and this year the amount of applications doubled compared to last year.

Two big reasons for this may be:

  1. This year there is an even bigger need for additional funds in the classroom.
  2. A-List Media did a great job getting the word out there (If I do say so myself).

Once the money has been allocated I will put out a link so you all can see some of the creative programs our schools and teachers have brought together.

And one more thing…

Everyone who knows me knows that October is my birthday month. Thanks to all those that sent me birthday wishes, positive thoughts and presents. I look forward to extending my birthday through this weekend when I will be reconnecting with friends. After all, what good is a birthday if you can’t make it last? Happy birthday to all my fellow Librans.

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Journalists share thoughts on publicists in a down economy

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about the kinder gentler PR person phenomena. OK, quick recap. In last week’s Las Vegas Business Press, Valerie Miller wrote that PR people have become kinder and gentler in recent months since the economy fell into the toilet. She asked PR people (myself included) why we thought this was the case.

As I mentioned in my blog before the story came out, I was a little reticent to answer because I wasn’t even sure if this was true.

Once the story came out I started getting some feedback from journalists. Not all agreed with Valerie’s assertion that PR folks (not flacks) have taken a kinder tone.

Are PR people really kind and gentle, warm and fuzzy? I threw the question out there to some journalist colleagues. Here’s a bit of what came back to me.

One editor shared quite a bit of insight on the topic, “Based on my experience it’s half and half. Half are kinder, gentler and more responsive than I have ever seen.”

However, she said, “The remaining 50% have turned into a bunch of rabid and relentless whiners. In the last five or six months, we have started to get some pretty ridiculous pitches and when we say ‘no thanks’ they continue to push to the point of a credibility issue.”

A local broadcast journalist commented that the local publicists she has known for years continue to be very accommodating. However, she said publicists that are unfamiliar with the market, ones that do not know her from an editor in Yuma, those PR people have become more pushy.

One print journalist told me that she instantly deletes e-mails from publicists that have given her problems in the past; she won’t even open them.  She said she knows it is not worth the trouble to get the story done.

Another went on to say, “People who wouldn’t give me the time of day, before the recession, suddenly want to bend over backwards for me. It makes me even less fond of them, truthfully.”

One long time Las Vegas journalist shared this observation, in regards to the changing PR and media landscape.

“I have not noticed a detectable shift in how PR people treat me. They have always been professional and friendly to me. They do seem to understand how important it is to be patient, as over the years the industry’s growth has far outpaced the media. I think the symbiotic nature of what we do, too, places us in similar circumstances — both sides sink and thrive with the economy.”

As publicists, once we push too hard, we lose credibility.

One editor shared “Sometimes I wonder if they are getting a commission for each bad story they place or if someone is standing behind them with a gun to their head”

Ouch right?

What we should take away from this

Public relations is all about relationships. Journalists know when you are being fake and they despise having their time wasted.

Keep it real. Journalists read people every day, that’s part of their job. If you come off as a phony you’re not helping your client or yourself. Journalists aren’t going to do you or your client any favors when they are getting beaten over the head with a story.

Most importantly, take the time to do it right. Do more research; find the right story angle for the publication and the journalist you are pitching.


I will continue to post job openings on this blog so if you know of any, send them my way. I received this one yesterday. It looks like a great position for a creative individual. Best of luck!

The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas is looking for a qualified PR and Marketing professional. The JFLV is a dynamic non-profit organization that serves as the central coordinating body for fundraising, planning, allocations, and communal services for the Las Vegas Jewish community, one of the fastest growing in the North America.

The job involves PR, marketing, communications, public affairs and skills related to direct mail, telemarketing and e-philanthropy.  They would like someone who is assertive, aggressive and energetic to help JFLV establish a new look, offer more transparency and help it get the JFLV message and mission out to the community and donor public.  You do not have to be Jewish to apply. The position pays $40K to 60K depending on experience.

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to Elliot Karp, JFLV president/CEO at

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Goodwill Gala, the power of work

I believe it was late January when my good friend and talented journalist Kathy Topp left her her job at KVBC-TV and took a position as the Director of Communications and Development at Southern Nevada Goodwill.

Kathy was a natural for PR, she knows how to tell a good story and she has a ton of media contacts. However, Kathy was weary of the event planning that fell under her title. She was especially concerned about planning the Goodwill of Southern Nevada Gala scheduled for September. I had no worries. Kathy is multitalented and I had no doubt she would pull off the best gala in Goodwill history.

Kathy asked me to chair the gala committee and I said yes with no reservations. The goal of any gala is to raise money for a worthy cause. Right now, Goodwill is one of the worthiest.

Their mission is to educate, train and employ people with disabilities and other special needs to help them maximize the quality of their life. With the state unemployment rate at more than 13 percent, we have a lot of work to do.

Kathy put together a great group of committee members which she asked me to chair. We all reached out to our contacts and put together a kickin live and silent auction.

I am proud to say my clients, iFocus and the Yoga Sanctuary, donated some items. Two Ed Hardy sunglasses, his and hers from Dr. Vivienne Valesco and iFocus Vision Center, and a five class yoga package from the Yoga Sanctuary. The gala was this past weekend and those items alone raised nearly $500 for the silent auction. I couldn’t be happier.

As I often say, it takes a village and so many PR colleagues and contacts from around the city coordinated and contributed. Thanks to all my contacts and friends that helped us make the Goodwill of Southern Nevada Annual Gala a success!!

I implore each of you to check out this video to learn about the power of work. It was produced by Kathy Topp and shot and edited by the talented Matt McColl of Five Stars Creative. I think you will find it truly moving.

The Power of Work.


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