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Comfort Food with a Touch of Sophistication, indeed!

The one thing that never changes about Las Vegas is that it’s always changing.

That sentence might sound weird, but it’s true. I’ll never run out of new places to experience in this city, and one of my favorite things to do is enjoy new tastes.

Awhile back a friend recommended I check out Elements Kitchen and Martini Bar at Tropicana and Rainbow. It opened ten months ago and their owners have an interesting story that immediately caught my attention.

Elements Bar

Elements Kitchen and Martini Bar

The restaurant belongs to Catherine and Jose Luis Pawelek. Though this is their first in southern Nevada, they are no strangers to the business. They have owned restaurants around Florida and they even owned and managed a B&B in New Hampshire for a stretch. 

My husband and I went for dinner and found this was not only a unique experience, but one that’s affordable and stylish. That’s hard to get these days.

Their table breads are made fresh daily. We had one with Rosemary along with some French bread served with butter and flavorful chutney made by Catherine.

For starters my husband and I both had the soup of the day; chicken with basmati rice, vegetables and a hint of curry. Chef Jose Luis Pawelek makes the stock fresh and you can tell because the simple flavors really shine through.

For dinner, my husband had the lollipop lamb chops served on a bed of lentils. These weren’t huge but considering they came from the “small plates” menu, I was impressed with the size.

I had a house salad with grilled shrimp and balsamic dressing. No, these weren’t the most complex items on the menu but you could tell there were a lot of layers to the flavor, which made the light meal quite pleasant.

Elements' Chocolate Martini, very tasty

I had a few glasses of their house Cabernet well worth the $6 a glass. Jason tried out a few of their sweet martinis from a list of 200. I tasted each and they were delicious. He highly recommends the Peppermint Patty. All martinis are just $7 to $9.

Everything was great and then suddenly Catherine, the owner-pastry chef, brought out a mini crème brulee topped with mascarpone and her very own biscotti. That was such a sweet touch and I noticed that everyone around us was also getting such generous treatment. 

Small plates range from $6 to $9 and entrees range from $17 to $24.

Here’s the best part: Elements Kitchen and Martini Bar hosts a Happy Hour Monday through Saturday from 5 to 6:30 pm. All drinks and appetizers are $2 off.  For those not interested in martinis or wine, they also have a great beer selection both in bottles and on tap. International beers include: Guinness, Peroni, Stella Artois, Fosters and Kronenburg 1664, and domestics: Tenaya Creek, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Blue Moon, Pyramid Hefeweizen and many more all from $4 to 4.50.

I don’t rate restaurants on a star or numbers level. They either get a Yummy* or they don’t. This one is a definite Yummy.

You can check out Elements Kitchen and bar here or follow them on twitter.

Elements is located at 4950 S. Rainbow Blvd. #100, Las Vegas NV 89118.

*Last year, I was caught on camera proclaiming a dish “Yummy!” during a taping of Top Chef Las Vegas at the Springs Preserve. Now, after hearing friends and family do their best (and worst) impersonations I have decided to embrace this as my favorite way to describe the foods I love. Either it’s Yummy or it’s not!

Disclaimer: Elements is NOT an A List Media client.


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