PR and media jobs are out there, I swear

I communicate with so many people everyday. I have my clients, colleagues in the PR world and members of the media. Let’s not forget my hubby, my friends, my sister (we talk every day) and of course Osi, my cat. Of course there’s the social media outlets. Friends and contacts but also people I have never met are following my escapades on Facebook, twitter and now this blog. It’s kind of funny when you think about it.

Many times while doing all this communication, it seems the conversation often comes back to jobs and the work place.

There are talented people looking for new jobs, mostly because of this “downturn” we are experiencing. They have lost colleagues to layoffs, lost raises and lost benefits. There has been belt tightening that no one thought possible and some people are just tired of being bummed. In addition, there are still good people getting laid off everyday or those who are still looking for the right opportunity after being laid off a little longer than anyone would have expected.

Still, good news is, there are jobs out there. I hear about them from time to time. I also come into contact with good people who ask me if I know of “anything out there”.

So from now on if I hear of a job opening in PR or media, I will post it on this blog. On the flip side, if you are someone who I should recommend for a job, let me know. I might be able to help.

I also worry that now that I have put this out there, I wont hear of any more openings. That is what all of you are here for. If you hear of anything or even better, if you are doing the hiring, let me know. This could totally work or not, still it is worth a try. I like putting good people with other good people.

So, speaking of jobs, there are two openings at Preferred Public Relations. Owner Michelle Tell told me they are looking for talented people, most likely either for publicist or Director of Public Relations positions.

Here is the info direct from Michelle.

Our PR agency, Preferred Public Relations is growing and we are hiring. Must have a min. of 5-7 years professional PR experience. We are seeking those with a strategic thought process, who are business-minded with a creative streak. Must understand PR planning and be able to execute detailed PR plans. Must have prior corporate and/or PR agency experience. See or call 702-254-5704.

Good luck to those that apply, happy hunting.


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