Three Things I am loving about Las Vegas Media, right now (in no particular order)

Given my job, my past, my friends, my hobbies and even my husband, Las Vegas media is a bit of a hobby of mine. Below are a few things that I am loving at the moment.

Local TV News is Starting to “Get” Social Media

Turns out TV viewers don’t just tune in to the same station everyday and watch like zombies. Turns out, viewers like to be interactive. They like to be a part of the process, to comment, to help decide what is “the news of the day”, they like to be the first to know and they don’t want to wait until 5 p.m. to find out. They want to know right now.

For some stations, I speak from first hand experience, this was a hard concept to grasp. But it looks like most local stations have turned a corner.

In addition to making better TV news Web sites, stations are embracing social media. By integrating social media into newscasts stations can foster loyalty, increase “tune in” and build the station brand.

Some local TV news/social media highlights…

  • Wake Up with the Wagners’ Facebook Friday- it is all the personality of Fox 5’s “The Rant” but with the fun of Carla Rea and Kim and Dana Wagner who keep it fun and light. Isn’t that what morning news is all about?
  • The folks at Fox’s MORE Show invite folks to write in with their “Question of the Day” and then they read the responses on the air.
  • Channel 13 has their “Online Segment” where they actually have their new media editor do a segment about hot stuff on the internet.
  • In addition to newsroom twitter accounts, reporters, producers and photographers are twittering from the field and in the newsroom to fill us in on what we can expect from their newscasts. Some folks I recommend following include:

Fox 5’s MORE Show

I used to not be too big a MORE fan but my viewing habits have changed. Since shows like Access Hollywood and Extra are off limits in this house, MORE fills a void by keeping me in the loop on all the latest in Hollywood while keeping an eye on trends in Vegas, with just a touch of news thrown in for good measure.

Yes, I know the show is a huge sales device and this makes me like it even more. It is a great tool for local advertisers looking for advertorial or infomercial time. This is a format that also appeals to consumers. Kudos to Meredith for figuring out how to make it work.

The Las Vegas Sun Web site

Thanks to Rob Curly for bringing Las Vegas around and introducing us to the next generation of online news. I must say that the is one of the most user friendly news sites in Nevada. TV Web sites are still much different from print, so I guess I am really comparing the Sun site to other print sites in the state.

The site is updated frequently but if you are looking for something you read last week, it doesn’t take much effort to pull it up. The video looks great and they do a variety of video stories keeping things interesting.

All that said, I really hope these guys know what they are doing when it comes to making money because every time I hear of layoffs at GMG it bums me out.

This leads me to my next blog entry, “Things I am hating about Las Vegas media right now”. Until then, please feel free to tell me what you are loving right now about Vegas media.


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