Hello world!

Welcome to my world.

It’s official, A-List Media is no longer just telling everyone else how smart it would be to get their ideas out there through a blog, we are jumping into blogosphere feet first. So happy you have decided to join us. I am thrilled to share my unique perspective as a media fanatic living and working in the city that truly never sleeps, Las Vegas.

The A-List Media LV blog will be updated a couple times a week with a little bit of everything: commentary, news items, interviews and tips on how to build your brand through PR, marketing and media (both old and new).

As the owner of A-List Media LLC. the majority of posts will come from me, however, on  occasion, digital media extraordinaire, Jason Latham, my husband, will get his two cents in.

I recommend also following A-List Media on twitter because you never know when I will drop a savory tid-bit of knowledge. It is also a good idea to check out our group, A-List Media LV on Facebook.

Thanks so much to my husband, Jason Latham for making the dream of A-List Media a reality.  Also, thanks to the very talented Las Vegas artist, Jerry Misko. I have stolen the letter “A” from his print “Fifteen Minutes” for our blog header. I hope you like it.


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